Andy Reid, Scott Pioli Talk To Peter King About Eric Berry


Yesterday we heard the incredibly tough news that Eric Berry likely has Lymphoma, a type of cancer. As one would expect this was a pretty big national story that got a lot of the major media outlets’ attention. One of whom was Peter King, who managed to get some exclusive quotes from Andy Reid and former general manager Scott Pioli, the man who drafted Berry.

Reid made a point in the press conference to talk about how strong Berry was when talking to the team about his situation.

"“And he is handling it so well. Like a rock. The team needed to hear from him, and I’m glad they got to do that. He told them, Move on. You’ve got to move on. Hearing it from him was important, and he was crystal-clear about it.”"

The common theme in both Reid and Pioli’s comments were about how great of a guy Berry is off the field. King described Pioli as being emotional when he was talking about Berry. Here’s what Pioli said.

"“He’s one of the best human beings in the game who nobody knows,” said Pioli, now the Falcons’ assistant GM. “He likes it that way. He’s an old-school football player in a new-age NFL, who’s never been about promoting the brand of Eric Berry. He just wants to be a football player and a good guy in the community.”"

Reid echoed what Pioli said.

"His teammates have such respect for him. Every player on this team looks up to him, not just on the field but off too. He’s just a really good leader with a big heart.”"

You can read the rest of King’s piece at MMQB.