Artist Cooks Up A Kansas City Chiefs Pancake Logo on Video


Since they’ve already been battered once this week, it’s only fitting that someone makes a Kansas City Chiefs pancake logo.

Nathan Shields, founder of, is more or less a culinary ninja. As the video shows, he slings morning mixtures around like some kind of frying-pan Spiderman, ultimately shaping edible masterpieces.

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Aside from being a victual virtuoso, Shields is also an illustrator and math teacher. Basically, his mind is a right-brain, left-brain battlefield turned “Kumbaya” Coke commercial. (A cartoon-drawing, batter-painting math teacher—welcome to 2014.)

For those who double as Chiefs-fan foodies, Shields, per his site, listed his recipe, explaining:

"I’ve done a lot of experimenting with recipes, and ended up composting some of the results (garbanzo bean flour?).  If the kids feel like doing some measuring, I’ll mix up some batter with the recipe below, though most days I take the easy road and go with a popular mix, mixing it ~1:1 with soymilk.3 c flour2 tbsp baking powder2 tsp salt2 tbsp sugar1/2 c applesauce3 tbsp melted butter or substitute2 3/4 c soymilk"

If you’re craving more pancake perfection, visit Fansided’s assortment of AFC West-styled flapjacks, then cast a vote for your favorite in the league-wide poll.

Additionally, you can check out Shields’ sketches at