Charles Woodson: Chances Are, The Chiefs ‘Don’t Win Again’ This Year


When you grow up a Kansas City Chiefs fan, you’re raised to think every player on the Oakland Raiders pillages rural towns and punts pacifiers away from newborns.

And after clicking the first two results from a “Raiders kid cry” Google search, that outlook definitely isn’t exclusive to Kansas City.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

The only difference between those two young Chargers loyalists and an adult Chiefs fan? Time. (And, judging by that Bono-like pillow toss, accuracy.)

When it comes to Oakland, you don’t mature. You just realize that, by now, you should have, so you get peer-pressured into putting on a happy face, even though you’re still screaming “I hate the Raiders! I hate football!” and weeping uncontrollably on the inside.

Jokes aside, I’ve always liked Charles Woodson. He’s the only defensive Heisman winner since John F. Kennedy was inaugurated and Barack Obama was born (1961).

Entering Sunday, per Pro Football Focus, he had participated in 49 more snaps (subscription required) than any other safety. People will be quick to point out that, due to his team’s short week, Woodson had an extra game under his belt, which is true. But he’s also been playing since the Year of the Microwave—give credit where it’s due.

For whatever reason, though, the eight-time Pro Bowler took to Facebook and sparred with a Chiefs fan after last Thursday’s win.

In response to NFL Network’s postgame interview with the safety, a commenter (“James”) wrote, “Enjoy it. You won’t win again this season.”

Snarky? Sure. But in the words (word?) of Seth Meyers, “Really?” Out of all the vile insults spewing from the delete-drumming beehive known as sports social media, that’s the one where you decide “Nope! A bridge too far, good sir”?

Woodson replied:

To be fair, he wasn’t lying about the remainder of Kansas City’s schedule—it’s far from a cakewalk. However, it does feature a grudge match against the Raiders. On a full week’s rest. At home.

Come Week 15, Woodson may or may not leave Arrowhead on a Hoveround.