The Chiefs Rule


Have we entered into a new era for Kansas City Chiefs football? An era in which myths, legends and folklore are written in sod? Why, you ask? Well, isn’t it obvious? This is so very, “Now you see it, now you don’t.”

We’ve seen the Chiefs play the role of “hopeful” pretenders for decades upon decades and now, today, at this very moment, as of Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014, they are “real” contenders.” Say that out loud, “The Chiefs are real contenders.” And they’re not going away anytime soon.

Could this be the beginning of a generation in which, the Chiefs rule? Call it, “Gen-Next.” You call it whatever you want but, something has changed.

You could say the football Gods have given destiny a whirl. That much is clear. Either that or there’s been a polar shifting time rift and we’re all living through a Twilight Red Zone in a converse universe. One in which the Kansas City Chiefs have become one of the very best teams, top to bottom, in the National Football League.

Now, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if a pyramid were to pop up in place of Arrowhead Stadium… or if it started raining four-leaf clovers during the Chiefs’ next home game… or if rainbows began to spew from Andy Reid’s mouth every time he opened it… or if the Chiefs mascot Warpaint turned out to be a real, live, genuine unicorn.

Something’s definitely gone haywire and aliens couldn’t spell it out any more clearly than if they were leaving us crop circle messages touting, “the Chiefs rule.”

Any way you look at it, the Kansas City Chiefs’ fortunes have changed.

Everywhere you go, you’ll find reports about the Chiefs victory over the Seahawks this past Sunday, giving evidence in numbers and opinions that support the idea that these Chiefs are a very good team.

Immediately following Sunday’s victory, I was struck with the realization that watching that game was different than watching other Chiefs games of the past. Different in this respect: a feeling the Chiefs were going to win.

None of those doomsday woe-is-my-team pitiful feelings here.

I often like to point to the “eyeball” test for making a final evaluation of prospects or specific performers. On Sunday, it was much like that, it was a gut feeling. A feeling in my bones supported by a consistent high level of play by the Chiefs players and coaches. Even when Travis Kelce and Jamaal Charles each fumbled, there was no, “Here we go again.” I wasn’t thrilled of course, but the knowledge that the defense could step in and right the ship was comforting.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find many Chiefs fans having this same experience.

Beyond that, I can also see how many fans could buy into the idea that the football Gods have finally swung destiny in the Chiefs’ favor.

Take a look at it from another angle. Ask yourself who you wanted the Chiefs to draft this year and last and whether or not you were happy with their decisions at the time, and how do you feel about it now?

Like a lot of Chiefs fans, I wanted the Chiefs to go after WR Brandon Cooks. Where is Cooks now? He’s on injured reserve.

The previous year I was hoping the Chiefs would take QB Geno Smith. Now, Geno could be headed for the New York backdoor along with his head coach Rex Ryan at the season’s end.

I know, the Chiefs have had their own fair share of injuries this year but that’s part of this miracle story, right? So, it’s a matter of ending up with the right players in the end, kind of like calling the right numbers in roulette.

However, the Chiefs’ good fortune doesn’t end with their draft selections. Ever since Clark Hunt decided to hire Andy Reid and stay in direct contact with both his head coach and general manager, decisions have been dipped in the River Styx (the same waters that blessed Achilles with great power).

Has it been perfect symmetry and a straight line ascension? Of course not, and I expect more travail to come. However, the Chiefs are on the rise. Don’t doubt it for one second.

Sure, the Chiefs have weaknesses but they know how to plan for those moments when their heel is wounded.

Think about other decisions like offseason moves. Like many Chiefs fans, I was hoping there was a way for the Chiefs to keep LT Branden Albert. Where is Albert now? He recently tore his ACL and MCL and is done for the season. Could you imagine if the Chiefs retained him, paid him big money only to have him sitting on the bench now and having to get Eric Fisher ready to play LT the rest of the way?

No, someone is watching out for the Chiefs. I know they don’t have ILB Derrick Johnson or DE Mike DeVito or much-maligned LG Jeff Allen but for the most part, it looks as if their replacements haven’t missed a beat (except for Mike McGlynn who represents the Achilles heel of the OL).

Someone I wanted the Chiefs to retain was OL Geoff Schwartz. Where is Schwartz now? He just came off of IR for the New York Giants recovering from a toe injury.

Yes, the Chiefs have their share of challenges but it seems someone out there is looking over them right now.

Does anyone still miss Dexter McCluster? Yes, he made the Chiefs decision to not retain him look silly in game one but read what Rotoworld had to say about Dex just yesterday,

"“Dexter McCluster rushed one time for five yards and caught a 17-yard pass in the Titans’ Week 11 loss to the Steelers.”McCluster also dropped a would-be seven-yard touchdown on his other target. Entering the game questionable with a knee injury, McCluster looked no worse for the wear. He remains a fantasy non-factor. Nov 18 – 12:02 AM”"

I know De’Anthony Thomas is a rookie and still learning to play the Dex role, including returning punts but he already looks better than Dex from the line of scrimmage and returning punts.

So, is it just good decision making on the part of John Dorsey and Andy Reid or is it something else… something other worldly?

Look at what AA writers have been writing this week:

"“…the Chiefs show no sign of slowing down as they continue to surprise the NFL, and maintain control of their shot at the playoffs.” ~ Nick Floyd, from “The Chiefs Control Their Own Destiny” “Kansas City used to rely upon mistake-free football to win games. The team’s now good enough that they can overcome a few gaffes here and there.” ~ Stacy D. Smith, from “5 Week 12 Thoughts On The Chiefs”"

"“The Chiefs are allowing a NFL best 201.6 yards per game. That is about 40 yards below the league average.A big reason for the lower passing yards allowed this season is that K.C. has made a conscious effort to take away the deep pass.” ~ Lyle Graversen, from “Seven Reasons To Believe In The Kansas City Chiefs”"

Now, ask yourself, what are you looking for in a playoff-thirsty team? Look no further than these statements above about the Chiefs: 1) A team on a roll and who is showing no signs of slowing down, 2) A team good enough to overcome their mistakes and win anyway and 3) A strong defensive team whose strength in pass defense is perfect to deal with all the potential playoff teams they may meet who most certainly will be passing-oriented teams.

A well-built team? Yes.

A talented team? Yes.

A well-coached team? Absolutely.

A team with depth? Wow, yes!

A team of destiny?

The Gods say yes. I say yes. What do you say?