Week 11: 8 New Kansas City Chiefs Wallpapers

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Let’s be honest: After Week 1, nobody thought the Kansas City Chiefs would be 6-3. If you did, you probably hedged your bets. If not, your house should be childproofed, with or without children present.

On opening day, everything went to hell in record timing.

Derrick Johnson was carted off due to an Achilles tear. Mike DeVito was carted off due to an Achilles tear. My cheerfulness was carted off due to an Achilles tear.

Dwayne Bowe’s suspension resulted in Donnie Avery being the No. 1 receiver. That, in turn, led to Alex Smith heaving two more interceptions than he’d throw in the next eight games combined, while his jersey number doubled as the percentage of fans who didn’t hurl themselves from his napalmed bandwagon.

Jake Locker played like Willie Beamen. Ryan Succop was surgical. Cairo Santos’ kicks looked like Wiffle balls fighting a wind tunnel.

I’ve never seen happiness deflate that quickly. (Edit: I take that back. I once saw a kid unwrap Xbox packaging on Christmas morning and be greeted by a sweater—pretty sure that will have its own Lifetime special.)

Ten weeks later, the Chiefs are favorites over the Seattle Seahawks.

Football makes no sense, which is partially why the following Photoshops will be accompanied by stats and stats only. (Plus, after seven years, trying to find new compliments for Jamaal Charles is a one-way trip to writer’s block.)

Full-sized versions can be found at Arrowhead Addict’s “wallpapers” page.

Also, this week’s edition of Chiefs wallpapers is brought to you by Time Warner Cable, who hooked a number of fans up with Week 11 tickets.