The Chiefs Mid-season Tomahawk Awards

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It’s just past mid-season and it’s time for some Tomahawk Awards to honor… mostly honor… those who have contributed to a Chiefs team that has reached a 6-3 record. Last year I offered these Tomahawk Awards for players going into the draft. However, it’s time for a “Chiefs only” version of the Tomahawk Awards because there are many good reasons why these Chiefs have doubled their number of losses with victories.

The Chiefs Only Tomahawk Awards will begin with the first and most obvious awards which include:

The Derrick Thomas Award

This award goes to the best pass rush linebacker to play for the Chiefs. A linebacker can have many different skills but they must be able to sack the QB to win this prize.

The Len Dawson Award

After all these decades since Len Dawson pulled on the a Chiefs helmet he remains the organizations standard for other QBs to live up to. On the field and off. There’s only one quarterback who has ever led the Chiefs to a Championship game and Lenny is that man. In fact, he did that three times: 1962, 1966 and 1969.

The Jamaal Charles Award

Until some other running back comes along and unseats Jamaal RaShaad Jones Charles as the best running back to ever line up in the backfield for the Chiefs… then this award shall forevermore and hence be given as his namesake.

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