Chiefs Are Built To Beat The Seahawks

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A week ago, I wrote a piece suggesting that two consecutive Chiefs wins against the Bills and Seahawks would definitively prove that this team is playoff ready. So far, Kansas City is halfway there, with a hallmark come-from-behind win against the Bills under their belt. While that game was the most important in regards to the playoff race and the wildcard picture in the AFC, tomorrow’s game is equally important in accomplishing the other part of that equation; proving the team is ready for the stout competition it will face in the playoffs.

I’ve gone back and forth on this game all season. Initially, before the season started, I earmarked it as a win, primarily based on a gut feeling (which, let’s be honest, is how I make a solid 90% of my predictions). Then, after two consecutive losses to open the Chiefs season and a big week 3 win over Denver for Seattle, I flipped on it, deciding the Chiefs just weren’t ready.

Since then, a lot of football has been played. Things have changed, yet again. The Chiefs have found their mojo, now winning 6 of their last 7, while Seattle has faltered somewhat. Sure, coming into the game, Seattle is on a 3 game win streak, but that streak was accumulated against a whose-who of struggling teams: the disappointing Panthers, inconsistent Giants, and a Raiders team still looking for their first win. The last quality team Seattle played was Dallas. They lost that game, and while the box score says it was a close contest, anyone who watched knows differently.

So where does that leave me for tomorrow’s game? Check the headline.

I feel confident that the Chiefs will beat the Seahawks, and not just because I want them too or because I feel like they will; this time there are a couple of stats that support my theory.