Watch All Three Of Ron Parker’s Game-Sealing Pass Breakups [GIF]


Last Sunday, Ron Parker’s difficulty level was set to “All-Madden.”

He’s a 6’0” Swiss Army knife, capable of transitioning between safety and cornerback at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, he’s arguably the biggest reason why the Kansas City Chiefs own the league’s No. 1 pass defense, allowing just 205 yards per game.

In Week 10, during Buffalo’s second-to-last drive of the afternoon, Parker batted three of Kyle Orton’s final four passes away, including two aimed in Sammy Watkins’ direction.

The following GIF, posted by Red Tribe Cinema, shows a compilation of said swats:

On the first pass, Parker stays square and doesn’t bite on Watkins’ feint. He stays in-phase with the Bills playmaker and showcases textbook coverage.

No. 38 backpedals in zone on the second play. Buffalo employs a “Double Smash-7,” comprised of the No. 1 and 2 wideouts running inside smash routes while the No. 3 receiver runs a corner (“7”) route.

However, Bob Sutton’s decision to play zone helps the Chiefs in defending the concept, as Parker doesn’t leave his shell and prevents Chris Hogan from reeling in the would-be touchdown pass.

The final play shows Kansas City’s corner playing inside leverage, knowing he has Eric Berry helping over the top. However, unlike the first fade—where the Bills attempt to lob it over the top—Orton tries to beat Parker with a back-shoulder throw.

Again, knowing that Berry is providing relief over the top, Parker turns his head, finds the ball and foils the plan.