Kansas City Chiefs President Mark Donovan Answers London Questions


When news broke that the Kansas City Chiefs would visit London in 2015, fans began sharpening their pitchforks. And justifiably so.

Chiefs president Mark Donovan moonlighted as a piñata today, answering questions about ticket sales and decision-making.

Per ESPN’s Adam Teicher, Donovan claimed that the international contest with the Detroit Lions won’t be included in season-ticket packages—fans won’t be paying for that particular game.

He also noted that the game doesn’t move the needle regarding Kansas City’s chances of hosting a Super Bowl.

Also, in case you’re in the dark, Clark Hunt is chairman of the NFL International Committee.

When asked how the overseas affair benefits a perturbed fanbase, Donovan added, per Teicher:

"I completely understand that and I appreciate that. We knew there would be and there should be fans who are upset about giving up a home game … The thought of giving up a conference game or a division game, we were pretty adamant that wasn’t going to happen. When you look at our schedule next year, we said, ‘No, we’re not giving that game up.’ … It’s a tougher discussion to have with a fan [about] today and next season and what this means today. This is a long-term prospect, a long-term benefit for the league but selfishly it’s a long-term benefit for the Kansas City Chiefs … The opportunity to be on this stage is valuable."

He also noted that the trip will prove costly:

"This is going to cost the Chiefs money. It is. It’s too big of an opportunity to not take advantage of it. Now we hope that’s an investment that will return. This is going to be significantly expensive. It’s going to cost the Chiefs money to go. I’m not going to quote you a number."

Your thoughts, Lions president Tom Lewand?

If you’ve ever wondered why the Jacksonville Jaguars always seem to volunteer “home” games to be played in London, it’s because:

  1. They’re awful.
  2. They can’t sell tickets.
  3. Florida is, as Bill Burr would say (NSFW), the “Devil’s armpit” of America.

None of those cons apply to the Chiefs, which is what makes the decision head-scratching.

“We’re in the toughest division in football. We have a plus-52 point differential at home. You know what we should do? Ditch Arrowhead and play an NFC playoff contender in London. Has anyone seen my Money Phone?”

In the words (NSFW) of a great philosopher: “Cash rules everything around me. C.R.E.A.M. Get the money. Dolla’ dolla’ bill, y’all.”