Kansas City Chiefs Power Rankings Roundup: No One Knows What To Do With The Chiefs


NFL pundits don’t know what to do with the Kansas City Chiefs, and I’m okay with that.

This week’s round of power rankings vary with where the Chiefs are located in the rankings. Some think they are on the outside looking in at the top 10, while others think they are ahead of the Denver Broncos. That’s a pretty wide variety of selections when it comes to the Chiefs.

Nobody is willing to make them a threat yet so that means KC is going to be playing the role of spoiler/underdog heading into this week. That’s been a good spot for the Chiefs this season so I’m fine with them staying there. However, I’ll be somewhat surprised if the Chiefs don’t end up in the top 10 of these rankings by the time the season ends.

Where do the Kansas City Chiefs rank in this week’s power rankings roundup? Let’s find out.


Alex Smith has 10 touchdowns and one interception in his past seven games, yet somehow the Chiefs are the only team still without a receiving touchdown by a wide receiver.. 24-10 vs. Jets. Previous: . Kansas City Chiefs. 12. team. 124

CBS Sports

124. The Chiefs are on a steady climb and continue to play excellent defense and pound the running game. Like the Steelers, they are headed for a top spot if they keep winning.. 24-10 vs. Jets. Previous: . Kansas City Chiefs. 10. team

FOX Sports

124. Alex Smith was highly efficient in a plus matchup and the Chiefs continued to get pressure off the edge, led by Justin Houston. The Chiefs have quietly sneaked back into the race for the AFC West.. 24-10 vs. Jets. Previous: . Kansas City Chiefs. 9. team


124. Well, the win might not have knocked your socks off, but Kansas City continues to do enough. After a miserable start to the season, where K.C. couldn’t get anything going against the Titans, the Chiefs have now leapfrogged the Chargers and are in prime position to compete for a wild-card slot. My prediction: fifth seed in the AFC.. 24-10 vs. Jets. Previous: . Kansas City Chiefs. 11. team

Denver Post

124. What? Too high? Did you not see what Justin Houston and the Chiefs did to the Patriots five weeks back? Alex Smith is the best 200-yard quarterback in the league.. 24-10 vs. Jets. Previous: . Kansas City Chiefs. 2. team


Kansas City Chiefs. 7. team. 124. Stealth Chiefs. They’re 5-1 in the past six games, by a margin of 14 points per game, and Justin Houston is on pace to break the all time single-season sack record.. 24-10 vs. Jets. Previous: