Kansas City Chiefs: Ranking The Top 10 Players At 2014’s Midseason Mark

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1. Justin Houston

Your eye-opening stat of the day, per Sporting Charts: The Chiefs defense accounts for the second-fewest snaps (476) in the NFL and the third-most sacks (27).

To put that into perspective, the team with the most takedowns (Minnesota Vikings, 30) has partaken in the ninth-most snaps (557).

Justin Houston’s 13 sacks lay claim to 48 percent of Kansas City’s total. He alone has corralled the quarterback more often than five teams.

However, he’s currently PFF’s top 3-4 outside linebacker for more reasons than one. Houston also grades out at No. 6 in coverage, No. 2 in run defense and No.1 in (fewest) penalties.

Simply put, he’s a monster.

He taught the Hulk how to make a fist, and his highlights should be the finale of American Horror Story.

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