Travis Kelce’s Sick Juke Move [Vine]


Hey, the Kansas City Chiefs scored a touchdown. And while it may not have been scored by Travis Kelce, he was certainly responsible for Jamaal Charles’ opportunity.

In the second quarter of the Chiefs-Rams game, the Chiefs found themselves down 7-0 and without any life on offense. The Rams front seven had/has completely dominated the Chiefs offensive line through 15 minutes and had just forced a fumble (that Alex Smith miraculously recovered) and was within a contact penalty of forcing a Chiefs three and out.

Alas, those things happened, leading to a Chiefs third down situation deep in Rams territory. On a third and six play Alex Smith found Travis Kelce. Then this happened.

Good grief, that is sick.

Kelce didn’t end up with the touchdown but he should be credited for the assist. While he’s struggled with drops this season – he dropped a third down pass earlier in the game – it seems very clear that Kelce is on his way towards being a star. Few humans on the planet can put on the kind of move Kelce did there at his size. Nasty, just nasty.

Now let’s hope he gets another chance to score a touchdown so we can see another new touchdown celebration.