Mike Mayock: ‘Alex Smith Is A Franchise Quarterback’ [Video]


In the Kansas City Chiefs’ white-knuckled roller-coaster ride of a Week 7 win, Alex Smith finished 19-of-28 passing for 221 yards and a touchdown (103.4 passer rating).

Or as his critics interpret: nine incompletions, fewer than 250 yards and broken clocks are right twice a day—once more than Alex Smith.

Gridiron guru and Soul Train rug-cutter Mike Mayock set his sights on No. 11’s naysayers, reviewing the All-22 from last Sunday’s nail-biter.

Afterward, the former safety notes, “Alex Smith grew up in the San Diego area. It was a great win for him personally—a huge win for the team. But please, let’s all just accept the fact that Alex Smith is a franchise quarterback.”

Look, Smith shares the same division as (arguably) the two hottest passers in the game today. If you juxtapose him with Peyton Manning, you’ll be flooded with hopelessness. Swap Smith’s name for another and you’ll get the same result.

However, if you think the Chiefs—a team oozing with young talent but built to win now—would be better off crumpling the blueprint, inserting a novice and starting from scratch, I’ll gladly point you to the club’s history.

Can newcomers defy the odds and take the world by storm? Sure.

But more often than not, you just end up with Brodie Croyle memes.