Kansas City Chiefs: Pro Football Focus Rankings For Every Position After Week 7

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Defensive Line

Allen Bailey is basically the antithesis of Tyson Jackson. He thrives at pass rushing but struggles against the run.

If forced to pick your poison (in a pass-happy league), you’ll always take Bailey’s balance over his predecessor’s. However, considering he’s in a contract year, No. 97’s deficiency is costing him as much as it is the team.

Being grouped with all defensive tackles (including those from 4-3 units), Dontari Poe’s ranking isn’t indicative of his play. Still, his three sacks tie him for third at the position.

Howard 3-4 DE Ranking: No. 39 of 53

Poe’s DT/NT Ranking: No. 19 of 72

Bailey’s 3-4 DE Ranking: No. 30 of 53