Kansas City Chiefs: Pro Football Focus Rankings For Every Position After Week 7

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Most will view Jamaal Charles’ ranking as a head-scratcher, but it’s due to a number of factors—injury and fewer screens being the two most notable.

Throughout five games, Kansas City’s ankle-breaker has only netted five receptions for 55 yards and two touchdowns. In all likelihood, his stock will skyrocket toward the top five sooner rather than later, though. (For what it’s worth, LeSean McCoy was the only running back to grade out higher than Charles last season, and he currently finds himself at No. 46 overall.)

It’s no secret that Knile Davis has stones for hands and his pass protection is subpar. On top of that, the tailback’s two fumbles don’t help his case.

That being said, Davis has the highest “breakaway percentage” in the league, with 45.7 percent of his rushing yards stemming from carries of 15-plus yards.

When he’s cradling a football, he turns into a Pamplona bull. When he’s not, he looks like a one-trick pony.

No sane individual would claim Davis is one of the worst tailbacks to receive significant playing time, though.

Anthony Sherman is a bearded tank with pass-catching hands that are softer than clay. Recently, he has begun receiving a shred of credit that’s long overdue.

Charles’ RB Ranking: No. 23 of 57

Davis’ RB Ranking: No. 57 of 57

Sherman’s FB Ranking: No. 1 of 22