Afternoon NFL Games Live Thread


The Chiefs are on the west coast which means we have to wait a little longer to watch our Chiefs beat the crap out of Philip Rivers. Until then you may need something to do.

Behold, the afternoon games live thread.

Feel free to use this thread to talk about the Chiefs-Chargers game, the Percy Harvin trade, action around the NFL, and how terrible it is waiting an extra three hours to watch a Chiefs game.

If you’re looking for some reading on the Chiefs-Chargers, feel free to paruse the links you’ll find below.

Big game folks. Let’s hope the Chiefs can pull this thing out… in three more hours.

Five Reasons The Chiefs Will Win In San Diego by Nick Clayton

Dwayne Bowe Is Poised For A Big Game by Nick Parker

Andy Reid’s Chiefs Still Seeking Signature Victory by Patrick Allen

Honoring The Greatness of Jamaal Charles by Ben Nielsen

Chiefs-Chargers On Sunday Matters, But Not Because Of Math by Stacy Smith