Recent History Of The AFC West

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Chiefs vs. Chargers

(week seventeen, December 2013)

Now, I know this is a lot more recent game and I’m sure most of you are going to say I could have found a way better one to use for the Chargers but I personally really enjoyed this game even though the Chiefs lost. It was a great game between two heated rivals and it has a touch of drama to it so I’m using it.

It was the final week of the season and the Broncos had already clinched the division (and a playoff spot) with the Chiefs coming in right behind them in second and clinching a wildcard spot. If the Chargers win this game then they clinch the final AFC spot in the playoffs. The Chiefs however didn’t want to risk injury to their starters and benched literally almost the entire team. Anybody worth noting was sitting on the bench.

Now in most situations this spells out an easy win for the Chargers. That’s not how it went down though. Heading into the fourth quarter things weren’t looking so hot for the Chargers, they were trailing by 10 points and were getting beat down by what was pretty much the Chiefs’ second team offense and defense. The Chargers managed to turn it around in the final quarter though and scored 10 unanswered points to tie the game. Ryan Succop had the chance to end it with a field goal with 4 seconds left and missed wide right.

In the ensuing overtime, the Chargers scored a field goal and held the Chiefs to nothing to win the game. The Chargers earned the last playoff spot in the AFC. which is yet another reason why the AFC West is awesome, we had three out of four teams make the playoffs last year. That doesn’t happen too often, folks.