Bill Belichick on Arrowhead Stadium: ‘Might Be A Little Louder There’


New England head coach Bill Belichick knows playing at Arrowhead Stadium is not going to be easy. The Super Bowl winning head coach and likely future hall of famer spoke today about the Patriots matchup against the Chiefs this coming Monday and noted playing at Arrowhead is not going to be easy. And, of course, he did it in a very Belichick-ian way.

"“I think you have to be careful. I would say, like at every away game, there are going to be times that it will be really hard to do that. Other times, I’m not saying it is easy, but it’s doable. Third down is challenging on the road everywhere. Might be a little louder there; it probably is.”"

Tom Brady and Belichick come into Monday sport the NFL’s worst pass protection offensive line and among the worst in pass protection efficiency. Those issues may only be heightened by the crowd noise at Arrowhead.

And if you haven’t heard, Chiefs fans are going to try and be a little extra loud on Monday night. The Guinness Book of World Records people will be back at Arrowhead to measure the sound so as to see if it can break Seattle’s present record of 137.6. More information about this can be found at the ‘Terrorhead Returns‘ Facebook page, a group of Chiefs fans who are working on getting fans pumped up for Monday.

So, yes, Mr. Belichick, it ‘might be a little loud there’ on Monday. Probably.