UPDATE: Dustin Colquitt Tweets A Picture Of His Kid With A Beer


Kansas City Chiefs super punter Dustin Colquitt is famously known as a family man. His charity to the community and to his family – he has five children with his wife Christia – is well documented as is his faith. This is part of the reason why we shouldn’t freak out too much about this tweet he sent out last night of his kid holding a Bud Light bottle.

This is an innocent picture of his kid and one that I initially smiled at when I saw it pop up on my twitter feed. No harm, no foul. Although I do have serious concerns about Dustin’s kid’s beer selection. The issue here is the timing of the tweet.

If you have noticed lately, the NFL is in a bit of a crisis when it comes to how their players are treating their families. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was recently arrested for seriously harming his child with a stick and Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was deactivated yesterday after being charged with domestic abuse. This goes with the Ray Rice situation where he knocked out his wife in an elevator.

Fan’s responses seem to echo the concern about the timing of Colquitt posting the picture.

Again, there is no reason to think Dustin is letting is young child drink beer at Chiefs games. That’s not the question here whatsoever. The problem is whether or not it was a good idea for him to be posting this picture on social media given the present climate of the NFL. Hopefully common sense prevails and this tweet is pulled later today.

All of that said: Cute kid, Dustin.


Colquitt tweeted this early this morning…

The picture of the kid with a beer bottle has been deleted.


Colquitt tweeted this out around 11 a.m. today…