Emmanuel Sanders Talks About Ending Up With Denver


Remember that time the Chiefs signed Emmanuel Sanders but didn’t? Well now we get a chance to see him in action on the same field as the Chiefs only with a different team.

Over the offseason the Chiefs thought they had reached an agreement with Sanders and his agent over a contract that would bring Sanders to the Chiefs. He would have represented much needed veteran wide receiver help and fit into Andy Reid’s scheme pretty well as a possession receiver with speed.

However, things didn’t work out that way. Here’s an excerpt from what we wrote back in March:

"Earlier this evening it was reported Emmanuel Sanders was prepared to sign a deal with the Denver Broncos to become the team’s replacement for Eric Decker. What we didn’t know at the time, and now do, is Sanders’ agent had already agreed in principle to a deal with the Kansas City Chiefs.Here is the unbelievable story from Ian Rapoport:"

"Agent Steve Weinberg, on behalf of the receiver, accepted a deal with the Chiefs in principle, according to one team source. Weinberg then engaged in negotiations with theTampa Bay Buccaneers, according to another source involved in the process.While shopping the Chiefs offer to the Bucs, Weinberg never explained that he had already accepted the terms of Kansas City’s offer. Later in the night, Sanders’ agent had agreed to terms with the Broncos, which is where he is currently headed. Sanders and Weinberg also rankled the 49ers by agreeing to visit, then blowing it off."

So there you have it. Sanders agreed in principle to a deal, a deal that is normally considered ‘done’ by NFL standards but wasn’t ‘officially’ done, but was shopping the deal in hopes of getting a better one. He was successful.

Earlier this week Sanders had some interesting things to say about how he ended up in Denver. Here’s the audio.

‘God has mysterious ways’ indeed.