Three Chiefs Hold The Titans Game In Their Hands

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Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

TE Travis Kelce

I wanted to put WR Donnie Avery here, but I feel like I’m always writing “Avery needs to step up,” which tells me how likely that actually is. One way or the other someone is going to need to have a big game among the Chiefs pass-catchers in WR Dwayne Bowe’s absence and the only real wild card here is Kelce. WR Frankie Hammond Jr. is technically stepping into Bowe’s shoes, but I wouldn’t expect him to set the world on fire.

In the Madden 15 simulation of Week 1, they had Alex Smith throwing 4 TD’s, although I have no idea to whom. For what it’s worth, they got the Green Bay-Seattle game almost exactly right. The fact is that this game is going to need a few big plays by players not named Charles, and Kelce stands out as the player with the potential to make that happen.