Brandon Flowers: ‘I Wouldn’t Say I Was A Bad Fit’


Former Kansas City Chiefs cornerback, now San Diego Chargers cornerback, Brandon Flowers went on Serious XM NFL radio today and expressed his thoughts on the situation with him and the Chiefs. Here is what Serious XM NFL tweeted out.

Finding the appropriate balance between ‘fit’ and ‘injury’ here is very difficult. We know Flowers is a very good cornerback and can handle covering quality wide receivers. It is also true Flowers was dealing with a knee injury for most of last season and even missed a game because of it.

The flip side of this is the man-heavy scheme really hurt Flowers when he was left one-on-one against bigger wide receivers on the outside. His inability to cover Dez Bryant and Eric Decker immediately come to mind. There was definitely a place for Flowers an inside cornerback and occasional outside cornerback in Bob Sutton’s system but there would always be that risk Flowers would get paired up with a guy too big for him to cover.

Truth is Flowers is no longer with the team because of his play on the field but because of the amount of salary cap space he occupied. The near $14.5 million in cap space he opened up between 2014 and 2015 will go a long way towards a better cap structure for the Chiefs in in the immediate future. Financial flexibility and keeping Justin Houston and Alex Smith were simply more valuable than retaining Flowers from the perspective of the Chiefs.

No, Flowers was not a bad fit for the defense, and, yes, he was dealing with injuries. It is certainly fair for him to say he was a fit. But Flowers isn’t a Chief anymore because of money, plain and simple.