Zach Fulton: An In-Depth Look At The Kansas City Chiefs Next Right Guard

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When the Chiefs drafted Fulton in May the first thing I did was read the scouting reports I referenced in the first half of this post. After that I went to Youtube and did a quick search to see if there were any video cut ups of his games where they show each snap he was involved in continuously. When nothing came up I moved on without putting any more thought into it. However, when I wanted to do this profile I wanted to be able to include some first hand observations. So I went back to Youtube to see if I could come up with something. Eventually I realized that while Fulton may not have been a big enough name for someone to make one of those videos featuring him, that didn’t mean that he wasn’t on some of them.

With a little digging I came up with the following four videos where you can observe almost every snap that Fulton played. Fulton is #72 and always lines up at RG. The videos include Sheldon Richardson vs Tennessee from 2012, Sharrif Floyd vs Tennessee from 2012, Javedeon Clowney vs Tennessee from 2013, and Antonio “Tiny” Richardson vs Florida from 2013. In all of these videos a different player is actually the one highlighted, but you can see Fulton clearly by just watching the RG spot.

For the diehard film junkies out there I recommend taking 40 minutes and watching all four videos in their entirety. It will give you a good feel for Fulton’s play and each game features head to head match ups with top NFL prospects on the opposing defensive line. You’ll see almost all of the “strengths and weaknesses” from the scouting reports played out live. However, if you’re looking for a little faster glance I’ve provided a few key plays under each video and the time in the video to jump to in order to see it. I tried to include some good examples of both his strengths and weaknesses in these plays.

REMINDER: Make sure you are looking for the RG and not the highlighted player.

2012 Sheldon Richardson vs Tennessee

1:04 – Matched up vs Sheldon Richardson 1 on 1 in pass protection and shuts him down.

1:43 – Matched up vs Richardson 1 on 1, he realizes he has a leverage advantage and drives Richardson out of the run play.

2:09 – Fulton pops out to the second level but fails to lock up on anyone while on the move.

5:29 – Again Fulton fails to find someone to get his hands on and is a non factor in the play

6:34 – Matched up again 1 on 1 on an island against Richardson in pass protection he holds him off for almost five full seconds and allows the QB to get the ball away.

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