Ron Jaworski Names Matt Cassel Worst Quarterback In NFL


You all should be stunned to learn Matt Cassel is not a very good quarterback. Ron Jaworski, ESPN’s ‘quarterback guru’ would seem to agree with the notion Cassel isn’t very good.

In Jaw’s annual countdown of the 32 starting quarterbacks Jaworski ranked Cassel 32nd out of 32 starting quarterbacks, one behind Houston Texans starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Is now a good time to remind you a former Chiefs general manager gave Cassel a $50+ million contract? No? Okay.

Cassel may not be a starter for very long this season given offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s history with quarterbacks and the first round selection of Teddy Bridgewater. Jaworski sites Cassel as having one of the worst play action pass ratings of any quarterback in football, which poses a problem when you have someone as great as Adrian Peterson selling the fake. Here’s Jaw’s comment:

“Turner’s offense starts with the run game. With Adrian Peterson in the backfield, Cassel’s 66 quarterback rating last year on play-action passes just wasn’t good enough.”

Nope, that will not do indeed.

With the knowledge of how bad Cassel is as a starting quarterback and how difficult it is to obtain a decent starting quarterback, it would seem to stand to reason the Chiefs should give Alex Smith the money he is asking for in his contract negotiation. I’d much rather deal with his limitations – limitations that help lead to 11 wins – than the limitations of another Matt Cassel, Brodie Croyle, Tyler Thigpen… you get the point.