Dwayne Bowe Is Working Out With Larry Fitzgerald, Serious About Getting In Shape


Maybe all of this talk from Dwayne Bowe about being a better player next season isn’t, in fact, ‘talk.’

Dwayne Bowe did an interview with USA Today’s Tom Pelissero and made it very clear he wants to be in the best shape he can be heading into training camp. From the story:

“I made the initiative to be in better shape,” Bowe told USA TODAY Sports on Monday. “I’m getting older, and talking to the old vets, the only way you last longer is to be in better conditioning. I took that to the heart and am training extremely hard this year.”

The article says Bowe is down to 212 pounds, down from 225 at the end of last season, and is moving around very well. Bowe has also changed his diet and hired a personal trainer. This is based on the observations of Pelissero, who watched him work out with Fitzgerald.

More from Bowe:

“I just trained extra hard to try to forget about [last season],” Bowe said of the highs and lows in 2013. “That’s what I’ve been doing — just putting a positive on with a positive. I’m coming out here to train. When I leave here, hopefully have a seminar for the kids. Just try to do something to get my mind off everything negative and turn it into a positive.”

Kansas City desperately needs Bowe to be a threat on the outside at wide receiver. Without Bowe the Chiefs essentially have nothing at the position, and are forced to feed Jamaal Charles more than they probably should if the goal is to keep him healthy and fresh.

Sure, there are other promising targets the Chiefs will add to the offense this time around. Travis Kelce is healthy as is Anthony Fasano; and offseason acquisitions Weston Dressler and De’Anthony Thomas should add some interesting elements to the team. None of those players, however, have proven what Bowe has in the league. The stability Bowe could bring would be much needed.

Here’s to hoping this isn’t more talk that just happens to be backed up by offseason action.