Three Questions: Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receivers

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Is their anyone on the roster with a high enough ceiling to explode into a number two receiver?

Much of the offseason was spent lamenting the lack of a wide receiver worthy enough to play on the other side of Bowe. It is a passionate enough argument that some fans want the Chiefs to trade for Andre Johnson, even if it is a pipe dream.

What the Chiefs appear to be doing is throwing numbers at the problem because the general overview of the roster suggest there isn’t a guy on the team who could develop into a serious number two threat this season.

There are players like Dressler and Thomas who display immediate promise in certain niche roles, but this will be each of their rookie season’s in the NFL. Counting on a great deal of consistent production would be unwise, though admittedly not unheard of.

Dressler’s issue would appear to be his ability to create big plays. He’s consistent in his route running and finding space, but creating big plays with his natural tools could prove to be a problem.

Thomas is loaded with speed and agility but has a shelf life in every game. He’s a situational guy moreso than a player you could count on being on the field for 100-percent of the snaps. This is not ideal for a traditional number two receiver.

Avery is, well, Avery. A third option masquerading as a number two.

If there is anyone who could turn into a number two it would be Jenkins because of his size, speed, and pedigree as a first round pick. But we all know that a first round wide receiver with a bunch of tools does not equal a sure-fire number two receiver.

Is there anyone from this group that could possible prove us wrong in August?