Kansas City Chiefs Players React To LeBron James Returning To Cleveland


You may or may not have heard by now LeBron James decided this afternoon to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers after four years playing for the Miami Heat. James announced the decision via an essay on Sports Illustrated.

There are not a lot of comparisons for the Chiefs in terms of what the equivalent of such news would be. I suppose the return of Tony Gonzalez would be closest, assuming he was 29 years old and not 38 years old. Even then, while Gonzalez is arguably the greatest tight end of all-time, Gonzalez is not in the discussion of being one of the greatest athletes of all-time the way LeBron is. So when news like this drops it transcends sports as a whole and not just the game of basketball.

Plus, it makes Patrick Allen a little happier.

At any rate, Patrick isn’t the only one with some thoughts about LeBron signing back with the Cavs. Some Chiefs players took to Twitter to voice their thoughts on the move. Here are a few selections.