Joe Delaney Is Getting A “30 for 30” Documentary


The great former Kansas City Chiefs player Joe Delaney, who died trying to save the lives of three drowning children, will have a “30 for 30” ESPN documentary made for him.

We know this because the film crew was recently at Northwestern State University to conduct interviews. It is getting some pretty significant clout, too.

From Northwestern State’s press release:

"Heading the film crew was producer Grant Curtis, most recently an executive producer for 2013’s well-received “Oz the Great and Powerful” film,  a producer on  the “Spiderman” series of three hit movies and the producer of the 2000 supernatural thriller film “The Gift” starring Cate Blanchett and co-written by Billy Bob Thornton."

Sometimes ESPN does “short” documentaries that sometimes are never featured on television. However, given the people involved in the film it is hard to think this one doesn’t have a shot to end up as a full-length “30 for 30” documentary. The film is still in production and does not have a release date yet.

While there are many deserving Chiefs figures who could (and should) garner a documentary from ESPN, it is fitting that Delaney is the first. His story goes beyond sports and football, and deserves to be told on a stage like the one ESPN is presenting.