AA Sunday Review: The Week of Kansas City Chiefs Minicamp


Every Sunday morning we do our best to catch you up on everything you may have missed during the week in a series we like to call AA Sunday Review. Here’s some of the best stuff from the past week.

MONDAY: A Look At The Chiefs Cornerbacks Without Brandon Flowers by Lyle Graversen

Floyd’s Thoughts: Dee Ford and Brandon Flowers by Nick Floyd

TUESDAY: Joe Mays’ Maleficence And What It Means For The Chiefs by Stacy Smith

WEDNESDAY: Hop On Board The R&D Express, Destination Kansas City by Laddie Morse

"Head Coach Andy Reid and General Manager John Dorsey have been busy since they arrived in Kansas City in the first month of last year. Busy replacing players. I’ve heard of GMs and head coaches wanting to put their stamp on a team but R&D are doing it at light speed."

THURSDAY: Why I’m Not Worried About The Brandon Flowers Release by Austin Pitts

FRIDAY: Will The Real Kansas City Chiefs Please Stand Up by Nicholas Clayton

"Are the Chiefs the team that allowed just 12.3 points per game through their nine games or are they the one that allowed 29.8 points per game through the next eight?"

SATURDAY: Kansas City Chiefs Facts And Cracks by Laddie Morse

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