Kansas City Chiefs Facts And Cracks

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 FOUR: DAT will be better than DEX. TRUE.

Fans can bemoan the loss of Dexter McCluster all they want but,

as soon as the season begins they won’t think about him again.

Dexter McCluster had over 3,600 yards from scrimmage in college. De’Anthony Thomas had over 3,100 yards. However, while DEX had 21 TDs from scrimmage, DAT had nearly twice as many with 41 and while McCluster had no return TDs, Thomas had 5 more from returns to add to his resume. I’ve seen plenty of college tape on both DEX and DAT and Thomas is clearly one of the more electric prospects I’ve ever seen coming out of college. And… he’s head and shoulders above DEX. Technically… one inch and one pound.

  FOUR: Tyler Bray and Demetrius Harris will be connecting… for other teams this coming season. FALSE.

Both QB Bray and TE Harris will be with the Chiefs this year.

The presence of Aaron Murray was at first assumed to be the death knell for Tyler Bray. However, he appears to have matured on and off the field and his upside is a lot higher than it is for Murray. Because Murray had an injury at the end of last season, he could end up on IR for the season and Bray could end up the number two QB by year’s end.

Demetrius Harris is still raw but the Chiefs are out of options in terms of being able to put him on the practice squad. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if tight end is the position that the Chiefs end up keeping four players because it’s hard to see them getting rid of any of them. Anthony Fasano, Travis Kelce, Sean McGrath will all make the team and so should Harris. He has too much promise to let him fly.

What do you think Addict fans? Have any fun facts or wise cracks to share?