Kansas City Chiefs Make Minor Roster Moves


The Kansas City Chiefs have made a couple of minor roster moves the last few days, so let’s get you caught up.

Thursday the Chiefs released defensive lineman Chas Alecxih from the roster. Alecxih is a third year player from Pittsburgh who spent time with the Miami Dolphins. He’s never appeared in an NFL game according to Pro Football Reference.

The Chiefs replaced him with wide receiver Mark Harrison, a wide receiver who went to college at Rutgers and spent some time with the New England Patriots last season. Harrison was one of the four tryout players from the recently completed minicamp.

Harrison makes 13 wide receivers on the roster heading into training camp. This could obviously change between now and July 24 but it seems as if the Chiefs are doing everything they can to see if they can improve the competition on the team at the position. There’s probably no other position on the Chiefs roster that’s weaker than the wide receiver group.

At 6-3, 235, Harrison is a large receiver who clocked in at 4.46 in the 40 at the NFL combine in 2013. He was productive in college and is in the top 20 all-time in Big East history in touchdown receptions and yards per catch. Consistency has been an issue for him, and he went undrafted last year due to some off-field concerns. The physical tools are there, however, so he is an interesting guy to keep an eye on.

Estimates have the Chiefs at 89 players on the roster so Kansas City has one open spot left to work with between now and training camp should a player catch their eye. Roster cut downs do not begin until mid-August, and the Chiefs must be down to 53 players by the start of the regular season.