Kansas City Chiefs OTA Quotes: Anthony Sherman and Joe Mays

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Sep 19, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs running back Anthony Sherman (42) prior to playing the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Chiefs defeated the Eagles 26-16. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are in the final week of voluntary OTAs while will contain four practices that will span from yesterday (Tuesday) to Friday. After Tuesday’s practice, Anthony Sherman and Joe Mays were made available to the media for questions. Here’s what they had to say.


Q: From year one to year two, do you think you’re getting the hang of the offense a little better?

SHERMAN: “Oh, yeah, absolutely. Everyone is a lot further along in the playbook than we were last year at this time. It just makes us come out here and these practices are that much better because everyone is on the same page, everyone knows what to do. We’re much improved from last year.”

Q: How do you think you’re role is going to expand from last year?

SHERMAN: “I was fine with last year. I’d love to expand it. Whatever Coach Reid wants us to do in the offense, and Doug (Pederson) and all those guys. They’ll put us in the right position to be successful.”

Q: Has the fullback union filed any grievances with the league due to the fact that the position is kind of getting phased out?

SHERMAN: “It’s not phased out here, so I’m happy.”

Q: What will change next week during mandatory minicamp?

SHERMAN: “Nothing really. Everyone is here pretty much. Everyone is working hard and we’re going to continue to do that even when we’re off in the summer, the four weeks that we have off. Everyone is still going to work hard, so it doesn’t really change anything from now to next week.”

Q: How are you going to spend your time off?

SHERMAN: “Working out and try to be in the best shape for training camp.”

Q: Is there really any such thing as an offseason anymore?

SHERMAN: “Yeah, absolutely. This is absolutely a lot less pounding and taxing on the body right now just because you don’t have pads on. But other than that, if you want a job, there’s no offseason.”

Q: For some of the younger guys, is it difficult to prepare coming into the league?

SHERMAN: “I don’t think so. I’m a fullback, so I kind of enjoy contact anyway. It really doesn’t bother me either way. It’s definitely good to learn right now, with the helmets on, get running around and be a little bit more free with what we do than worrying about coming down and having someone hit us on a slant or something like that. It’s good work for everyone.”

Q: Have any of these draft picks or free agents shown you anything that you’ve liked so far?

SHERMAN: “Absolutely. Everyone looks great right now. Everyone is working hard. We’re trying to be better as a unit and as a team with one goal and that’s to win a championship. That’s what we’re doing right now and everyone looks great.”