AA Sunday Review: Kansas City Chiefs New Defense, Roster Long Shots, And More


Every Sunday morning we do our best to catch you up on everything you may have missed during the week in a series we like to call AA Sunday Review. Here’s some of the best stuff from the past week.

MONDAY: Five Long Shots That Could Make The Kansas City Chiefs by Lyle Graversen

"So, of the dozens of players that are already fighting for a place on KC’s 53 man roster, which ones might actually have a chance of beating the odds and seeing the active roster when the regular season kicks off? Obviously no one can know that for sure so early in the process, but this week I’ve identified five candidates that I think have a fighting chance."

Is Alex Smith Worth A Big Deal? by Drew Clark

TUESDAY: Three Games On The Chiefs Schedule With Big Implications by Stacy Smith

"The sophomore season for the new regime at 1 Arrowhead Drive is intriguing to say the least. The Chiefs appear to have a bigger hill to climb this year. There are real questions about how much the strength of their 2013 schedule is responsible for their 11-5 record. The answer to that question is coming. Kansas City has the league’s 7th-toughest schedule in 2014. Today, I’d like to take a look at a few of the biggest games (in my humble opinion) on the docket."

Kansas City Chiefs Top 5 Quarterbacks by Nick Floyd

WEDNESDAY: Kansas City Chiefs New Look Defense by Laddie Morse

"For a defense that ranked 25th at stopping the opponents passing game (net passing yards) the Chiefs look like they have done the most to improve that than any other part of the team."

Chiefs Place In The Kansas City Sports Scene by Austin Pitts

THURSDAY: Andrew Brandt Talks Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick Contracts by Ben Nielsen

"Using Kaepernick’s new deal as a guideline or expectation for Smith is probably a false equivalency, however. Reading Brandt’s piece, while Kapernick and Smith do share a lot of similarities, the basis for approaching their new contracts are completely different."

FRIDAY: Forget The Contracts, Pay Attention To This Number by Nick Clayton

So where are the Chiefs going to get the money to re-sign these guys? Well, that’s why the most important number in all of this discussion is the number we don’t currently know — the 2015 salary cap.

SATURDAY: Re-Evaluating The Chiefs Priorities by Laddie Morse

The NFL draft was a mere four weekends, and a couple of mini-camps, ago. What many perceived as the Chiefs greatest needs then, are now focused elsewhere. Why the change of heart, in such a short period of time?

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