Is Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith Worth A Big Deal?


If you follow the Chiefs news throughout the offseason, then it is likely you have read many articles already about if Alex Smith should get the big money deal that he is reportedly wanting.

The report that was circulating the interwebs was that quarterback Alex Smith was asking for a 126 million dollar deal. The guy who just got a new contract worth this amount was Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. What has Cutler done in his time in Chicago? He’ll be entering his sixth season as a Bear in 2014 and over the past five years has thrown for nearly 15,000 yards with over 100 passing touchdowns and 75 interceptions while going 39-28 in the games he started. He has had some good success in Chicago, but I don’t think he should be making more money than the likes of  Joe Flacco, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning.

Alex Smith in the past three years has won 30 games and thrown for 53 touchdowns with only 17 interceptions. Alex Smith has become the definition of a game manager when it comes to playing the position of quarterback. The argument for if a game manager type of quarterback should have the one of the biggest quarterback contracts in the league could go either way really. There is no second tier quarterback paying scale as there should be, so this puts the Chiefs in a tough position.

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49ers can hope Sam Darnold has Alex Smith-like career
49ers can hope Sam Darnold has Alex Smith-like career /

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  • Smith brought the Chiefs their best season since 2003 when they won 13 games, but at the end of the day the season ended in the same result as the past six Chiefs playoff appearances, in a loss. However it wasn’t Alex Smith who lost them the game. He put them in the best position possible to win with a 28 point second half lead. 28 POINTS! While gaining this lead Smith went 30-46 for 378 yards and four touchdowns, while still tacking on 57 rushing yards. The defense lost this game for them.

    What I am getting at here is why would the Chiefs not pay a guy that brought the team the closest it has been to winning a playoff game in 20 years. The Chiefs need to pay Alex Smith what he wants. The fans have endured the atrocious years of watching the likes of Damon Huard, Brodie Croyle, Tyler Thigpen, Matt Cassel, and Brady Quinn take the snaps from the center on this team. They deserve a good quarterback for more than just a couple of years.

    Smith just turned 30 years old so the timetable on his career isn’t a lost cause yet as he has at least three or four more good seasons left in him. The Chiefs gave up two 2nd round draft picks for Smith to play quarterback for this team. Therefore, Smith shouldn’t just be a rental type of quarterback since the team did give up a lot to get him and he gave this team one of the biggest turnarounds in NFL history.

    Pay the man what he wants.