Report: Alex Smith Asking For $126 Million


Alex Smith wants to get paid like a franchise quarterback, according to multiple reports. Let’s get on with the tweets:

From Ian Rapoport:

From Jason Cole:

If you need some context for how much Smith is asking for, Aaron Rodgers‘ contract has a total value of $110 million. Yes, more of that is guaranteed than what Smith would likely get, but Smith does not deserve a contract with more total value than Rodgers. (And neither does Jay Cutler or Joe Flacco for that matter.)

Of course this does not mean Smith is going to end up with a $126 million contract. What it does mean is the gap between what seems reasonable for Smith and what Smith is asking for is incredibly large. Large enough that the Chiefs may not be able to get a deal done with him any time soon.

Via Chris Wesseling:

"While there is now sentiment that Smith holds all of the cards with no legitimate competition for his starting job, that the Chiefs have leverage of their own in the form of the 2015 franchise tag."

What now? Do the Chiefs ride with Smith for one more season and then hand the reins to Aaron Murray or Tyler Bray? Overpay to keep Smith in town?