Murray: Thank God I Can Throw A Football


Aaron Murray is a highly touted quarterback out of the University of Georgia, and could be the quarterback of the future of the Chiefs if they cannot get a contract worked out with Alex Smith. He is, shall we say, a very important dude.

One of the benefits of being a “very important dude” who also plays quarterback is that the opportunity to “out-kick your coverage” becomes available. Murray certainly has in the form of Ms. Kacie McDonnell. McDonnell is a traffic reporter for Fox 29 in Philadelphia and the sideline reporter for the Eagles. She is an attractive lady.

The loveliness of McDonnell did not escape one Eric Ebron, a tight end out of North Carolina who was drafted by the Detroit Lions. Ebron commented to Murray at the NFLPA Rookie Premier about Ms. McDonnell’s attractiveness and Murray responded with an excellent line.

It’s good to be a quarterback. (And here’s a gratuitous picture of Kacie McDonnell eating a burger.)