AA Sunday Review: Pass Rush, Dwayne Bowe, And De’Anthony Thomas


Every Sunday morning we do our best to catch you up on everything you may have missed during the week in a series we like to call AA Sunday Review. Here’s some of the best stuff from the past week.

MONDAY: The Power Of The Pass Rush: Why The Chiefs Drafted Dee Ford by Lyle Graversen

"While everyone can agree that KC’s pass rush dropped off as the year went on I don’t think everyone realizes just how drastic of a drop it was. While it’s logical to split the pass rush production between the 9-0 start and the 2-6 record the rest of the way, the drop off actually started before the loses started piling up. In terms of sack production, the clear drop off point is the Cleveland game in week eight. Look at the difference between weeks 1-7 and week eight through the playoff loss."

TUESDAY: The D-Bowe Show: Back For The Fall Lineup? by Stacy Smith

"The playoff loss to the Colts proved to be Bowe’s coming out party. He finished the day with 8 catches, 150 receiving yards, and a 6-yard touchdown. Smith targeted him 13 times in the game (the second-highest total of the season). In fact, over the last nine games of the season (including the playoffs), there were four games where Smith threw in Bowe’s direction ten times or more (there were none in the first eight). That, I think, is a testament to the level of trust he developed for his best receiver. I think he’ll have much more confidence in Bowe in 2014 after a full season of familiarizing himself with him."

WEDNESDAY: Did The Chiefs Draft A Wide Receiver Without Anyone Knowing About It? by Laddie Morse

"On draft day, Stanford University Head Coach David Shaw was sitting in with NFL Network’s Rich Eisen and the gang and shared his observation about De”Anthony Thomas falling as far as he did in this draft. He said, “Tavon Austin ruined it for him.”Austin was injured late in the season, couldn’t find the field and only produced 418 receiving yards on the year."

THURSDAY: Have Faith In Our Passing Game by Austin Pitts

"All the way up through the draft, I swore this was a route the Chiefs would take. Pick up a coverage safety to complement Eric Berry and get ourselves a solid number two receiver who could potentially take over the number one role. Unless you have paid absolutely no attention to any happenings in the Chiefs’ offseason, then you know this wasn’t the case."

FRIDAY: Chiefs Should Focus on Re-Signing Houston, Not Smith by Nick Clayton

"I think Houston’s contract will be easier to talk through for a few simple reasons: 1.) It’ll be cheaper 2.) There’s less controversy about his value and 3.) He’s making pennies this season anyway, so any money he makes as a part of an extension signed before the start of the season will be instant profit."

SATURDAY: Chiefs Dabbling In Futures Commodities by Laddie Morse

Have a great weekend, and, as always, thanks for reading!