Did The Kansas City Chiefs Draft A Wide Receiver Without Anyone Knowing It?


Oh sure, you’re all very disappointed. Sure, this guy isn’t what you were hoping for. Sure, he’s too tiny to be considered a legitimate receiving threat. Blah, blah, blah….

De’Anthony Thomas could end up being the most dynamic wide receiver taken in the 2014 draft. That’s right. I said it. So, you wanted WR O’Dell Beckham but ended up with nothing huh? You may want to take another look. I believe DAT is going to be “The Man.”

“WR? What’s he been smoking” you say?

What position do you think the Chiefs drafted Thomas to play? Runningback? Ha! I don’t think so. Sure, he’s been working with RB coach Eric Bienemy but I’m not so sure E.B. really has anyone else to work with right now. Plus, as a hybrid WR slash RB DAT is going to have to get a little work in at RB sooner or latter so it might as well be now.

I’m pretty sure that the RB position is going to be the Jamaal Charles-Knile Davis Show… and as in previous years with McCluster, DAT will at times line up there but he should in no way be confused with an NFL running back. Although I’ve seen DAT be effective between the tackles I’d bet dollars to donuts that he won’t make 5 runs this season anywhere between Fisher and Stephenson.

No, what you might want to confuse him with is a guy named DeSean Jackson. Am I saying he’ll become DeSean Jackson. Yea. Pretty much.

DeSean Jackson: 5-10, 175. 4.35, 40.  Second round pick in 2008.

De’Anthony Thomas: 5’8 5/8″ , 174. 4.37, 40*. Fourth round pick in 2014.

* Note: De’Anthony Thomas’ 40 time, he’s in no way slower than Mr. Jackson.

So, 1 and 3/8ths  inches plus one whole pound separate the two.

Sean Keeler of Fox Sports spells out the role Thomas will fill for the Chiefs,

"“Thomas might be the most anticipated of all the Chiefs rookies this spring-slash-summer, largely because he’s a skill player who has a shot to make an impression the fastest. The club lost slot receiver/wingback/return ace Dexter McCluster to free agency and, ostensibly, drafted Thomas — a one-man highlight machine during his college days, accounting for 46 all-purpose touchdowns from 2011-13 — to plug in as Dex’s replacement.”"

But, but, but… De’Anthony Thomas worked with Chiefs’ RB Coach Eric Bieniemy at mini-camp.  Soooo, he’ll also be working with special teams coach Dave Toub. And he’ll also be working with David Culley, wide receiver coach and Assistant Head Coach whose likely had his hands fuller than Bienemy so far. So, Bienemy is baby sitting him for now.

On draft day, Stanford University Head Coach David Shaw was sitting in with NFL Network’s Rich Eisen and the gang and shared his observation about De”Anthony Thomas falling as far as he did in this draft. He said, “Tavon Austin ruined it for him.” Austin was injured late in the season, couldn’t find the field and only produced 418 receiving yards on the year.

Otherwise, DAT could have gone much higher in this draft… or any other draft.

I usually expound and explicate my views here until I’ve said everything I have to say on a subject. However, in the case of De’Anthony Thomas serving as a wide receiver… I’d like to offer a video collection I put together of some of his receiving exploits. If you’re at all like me then you’ve already spent some time watching DAT highlights. However, I noticed the primary focus of his highlights are, firstly, his runs from scrimmage, and secondly, his kick return highlights but not to be forgotten in any way are his ample receiving highlights. So, below you’ll find a collection I have named, “De’Anthony Thomas The Wide Receiver.” Think of it as his… cache of catches.

Before you watch, let me tell you what I see. I see an exceptional athlete who makes one handed receptions look commonplace. I see a receiver who adjusts to the ball in mid flight to make back shoulder catches. I see a receiver who already catches the ball with his hands away from his body. I see a player as exciting to come to the Chiefs as I’ve ever seen. He’s half Jamaal Charles and half Dante Hall but, nearly never reminds me of Dexter McCluster… and that’s a good thing.

Be sure and look in at the 5:00 minute mark to see how he gets the defensive back who’s in front of him all turned around but never touches him before he gets to the end zone. Pure pinball wizardry. Maybe that’s what I’ll call him now: The Pinball Wizard.

Enjoy. And when your done let me know if you think he’s more of a WR than a RB.

In case you’re one of those people who goes around singing “Short People” by Randy Newman… and you take yourself seriously for some reason… then here’s a list of Pro Bowl players under 6 feet tall in 2013 and 2014:

Marshawn Lynch, 5-11

Earl Thomas, 5-10

Russell Wilson, 5-11

Tim Jennings, 5-8

Jamaal Charles, 5-11

Ray Rice, 5-9

C.J. Spiller, 5-11

Wes Welker, 5-9

Johnathan Joseph, 5-11

Frank Gore, 5-9

London Fletcher, 5-10

Leon Washington, 5-8

Donte Whitner, 5-11

Brandon Flowers, 5-9

DeSean Jackson, 5-10

Eddie Lacy, 5-11

Alfred Morris, 5-9

LeSean McCoy, 5-11

Dexter McCluster, 5-8, 165

Joe Haden, 5-11

Alterraun Verner, 5-10

Eric Weddle, 5-11

Troy Polamalu, 5-10

Antonio Brown, 5-10

And do you remember this guy?

Dante Hall, 5-8