Chiefs Draft Challenge: Who Won The AFC West?

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The Third Round of the AFC West Draft

Raiders: OG Gabe Jackson

Chiefs: CB Phillip Gaines

Chargers: OG Chris Watt

Broncos: OT Michael Schofield

I’m giving this one to the Raiders again. Gabe Jackson was a strong pick and he should plug and play right into Oakland’s offensive line this season. Jackson is slow of foot but at 6-3 and 336 he’ more of a road grader so he should help in the run game for sure.

Next, I really like the Chiefs selection of Phillip Gaines and believe he has pro bowl potential down the line. In any event he fits right into what the Chiefs need most since last season… help stopping the passing game. Delete Dunta Robinson and Kendrick Lewis and upgrade with Gaines and Sanders Commings and the Chiefs defensive backfield should be better by a oodles.

The Chargers needed line help and OT Chris Watt should fit the ticket. Watt is not speed demon either but since he projects to inside at Guard, he may end up starting in his rookie year considering some of the offensive line challenges the Chargers have had in the past two seasons.

The selection of of OT Michael Schofield was a solid pick at that point for the Broncos but in studying tape on Schofield he doesn’t seem to be able to get to the second level with any kind of ease because he’s… once again… slow. I don’t expect to see him start this year. He appears to be developmental and although he held down right tackle across from Taylor Lewan he should not be mistaken for his much more talented and much meaner counterpart.

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