Setting The Odds For The Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks

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Contract Status: Rookie deal is unsigned

Odds For 2015 Roster: 99%

The most sure of bets to be on the roster in 16 months from now is 2014 fifth round selection Aaron Murray. In a year where the Chiefs had only six draft picks and depth needs across the board, spending a pick on a quarterback only to cut him within a year seems incredibly unlikely. It is certainly possible circumstances will lead the Chiefs to part ways with Murray before the start of the 2015 season but one would think those odds are nearly non-existent.

People are incredibly high on Murray in Andy Reid’s system. They tout Murray’s intelligence and accuracy and how well that fits in what Reid asks quarterbacks to do. His height should be a non-issue given what Russell Wilson has done with two less inches of height to work with, and his arm strength, while not elite, is more than enough to make every throw a starting NFL quarterback needs to make. Look, if Peyton Manning’s wobbly 10 mile per hour throws can land him one of the NFL’s finest statistical seasons ever then clearly what makes quality quarterback play does not include elite arm strength.

Murray is going to be here, maybe even for a long time, and that’s about the most certain thing we know about the Chiefs’ quarterback depth chart.