Setting The Odds For The Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks

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One of the more interesting questions brought about by the draft was what the Chiefs’ plans were at the quarterback position. The selection of Aaron Murray caused an immediate decision to be made about the futures of either Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray while also posing the question of whether or not Alex Smith was still the long-term answer for the Chiefs at quarterback.

Trying to figure out what the Chiefs are planning on doing may come down to figuring out which quarterback are more likely to be here come 2015. By making determining the 2015 circumstances of Smith, Murray, Bray, and Daniel we’ll have answered a lot of questions that are surrounding the group. Will Smith sign an extension and stay after his contract runs out in 2014? Is Bray developing at a rate worth keeping on the roster? Do the Chiefs value the experience of Daniel more than the raw potential of their younger quarterbacks?

All of these are questions needing answers soon. Let’s break down each quarterback and his situation and place the odds on each signal caller and whether he will be on the roster come September 2015.