Readers’ Mock Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Sixth Round Pick (Part 1)


The votes are in and it is now time to announce the Readers’ fifth round pick for the Kansas City Chiefs.

With the 163rd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Readers’ of Arrowhead Addict select De’Anthony Thomas, a running back/wide receiver from Oregon.

This is the first pick made by my fellow Addict’s that I disagree with, though I don’t disagree with it passionately. Thomas would be a force for Dave Toub’s and I’m sure Andy Reid could come up with some inventive ways to get Thomas the ball in space.

My issue here is Kansas City needs offensive lineman who can be starters in the future. Jeff Allen and Rodney Hudson will be free agents soon, and the Chiefs don’t really have clear answers at right guard and right tackle. In this situation, I may have leaned Seantrel Henderson or Gabe Ikard.

With that said, there is a lot to like about Thomas in Reid and Toub’s schemes. Like I said, I’m not passionately against the pick.

Here’s where the Readers’ draft is through five rounds:

1st Round: S Calvin Pryor

3rd Round: WR Donte Moncrief

4th Round: Ja’Waun James

5th Round: De’Anthony Thomas

Strong draft so far. Let us get started with selecting the Chiefs’ first of two sixth round picks.


One of the better scheme fits for Andy Reid’s offensive scheme. Highly accurate but does not have a big arm. May never be a starter but would be a very strong backup for KC.


Has the body and frame to succeed in three and five technique. Probably more a future run down stuffer than a pass rusher.


A future “Joe Mays” type with decent athleticism and a good ceiling. Has some work ethic and character issues. A good locker room and coaching could unlock a starting-caliber football player.


A solid backup tight end with decent hands and good blocking skills. Does not have a great ceiling but would provide decent depth as a sixth round pick behind Travis Kelce and Anthony Thomas.


An undersized, speedy wide receiver who is strong in the return game. Durability concerns limit his upside.


Strong run blocker who still has a lot of development left in the passing game. Good coaching could unlock staring right guard upside in a year or two.


Tall target (6-3) with decent speed and has room to bulk up from 200 pounds. Can play inside and outside, and has good hands. Pittsburgh’s all-time leading pass catcher. A lot of upside and a good guy. Seems like a John Dorsey type of pick.


So who is it going to be, Addicts?