Here we are, Addicts, less that two weeks from the NFL Draft. I have a..."/> Here we are, Addicts, less that two weeks from the NFL Draft. I have a..."/>

Merlin’s Kansas City Chiefs Mock Draft 2014


Here we are, Addicts, less that two weeks from the NFL Draft. I have always referred to this as Christmas for football teams. This is the time when Chiefs fans get to unwrap their shiny new players given to us by Santas Dorsey and Reid.

My plan is to get a pizza and a bottle (or two or three) of a microbrew and watch the Draft on TV. Of course, I will also be online having fun with the Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Addict. Only the hardest of the hard-core fans are with us on day three.

I long abandoned ESPN with their coverage. Often their coverage of the Chiefs picks would take the following format. Chiefs are on the clock and it’s winding down. It’s a great time to take a commercial break. Upon the return, the pick has been made. ESPN will give that 10-20 seconds of talk, then move to another segment. That usually involved an interview with Jerry “I never met a camera I didn’t like” Jones or a panel discussion about a pick made by one of the ten teams ESPN actually cares about. So long, ESPN, hello NFLN and Mike Mayock. It’s very corporate, but at least Mayock knows what he is talking about.

Now it’s time for me to reveal my one and only mock of Chiefs draft picks. These are my predictions of who the Chiefs are likely to take at each spot. It’s based on what I have learned about what the Chiefs are looking for at different positions. Please, no wagering. Now onto the picks!

Round One, Pick 23, Cody Latimer WR, Indiana

The more I think about this slot, the more I become convinced that he is very likely the pick, assuming he is on the board. Cody is still recovering from a broken bone in his foot, but he has shown he has excellent speed and explosiveness to go along with good blocking ability. He needs to work on his concentration and route running, but those things can be taught. The Chiefs are all over every big-bodied WR in the draft. At 6’2” 215 lbs he had the size the Chiefs are looking for.

Round Three, Pick 87, Terrence Brooks, FS Florida State

Terrence is a hair short for a DB. Dorsey is really looking for DB’s that are 6′ and up. At 5’11” 198 LBS he checks in just below Dorsey’s preference. However, he has the speed and instincts to serve well as the single high safety. Plus, he is a punishing tackler. Nothing wrong with some intimidation on the back-end.

Round Four, Pick 124, Pierre Desir, CB Lindenwood

One thing John Dorsey has made quite clear is his preference for tall, strong corners to play press coverage. While you can get away with being a bit shorter as the slot corner or single-high safety, he really wants his outside corners to be tall, strong, fast with long arms. At 6’1” 198 LBS, he fits the bill. Coming from Division II, Desir will need some development time. However, he has the physical traits Dorsey is looking for. On a larger note, look for the Chiefs to grab one of the following CB prospects: Keith McGill, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Dontae Johnson, Walt Aikens, or Pierre Desir.

Round Five, Pick 163, Charles Leno, OG/T Boise State

Here we get into another area where the Chiefs have a strong preference. Andy Reid wants versatile lineman who are agile enough to get out on screens. Plus, he and John Dorsey prefer to draft college lineman that played left tackle. Leno started at left tackle. He is very athletic and agile. At 6’4” 298 LBS, he is undersized for tackle in the NFL but can slide over to guard. With some bulking up could still play some tackle. All in all, a good choice for the Chiefs.

Round Six, Pick 193, Jeff Janis, WR Saginaw Valley State

I have written about Jeff Janis before. This is my sleeper pick for the Chiefs. At just under 6’3” 205 LBS, he is another big-bodied WR the Chiefs are trying to collect. He has speed to burn. This is another Division II prospect, but in round six, he is a development prospect with the raw skills to emerge after a year or two.

Round Six, Pick 200, Gator Hoskins, TE, Marshall

Gator is an undersized TE, weighing in at 244 LBS. However, he has some speed and could be a miss-match. He can threaten the seem of the defense and fill in at FB if needed. Leading the nation with 13 touchdown passes as a TE has to count for something. Gator is another versatile weapon to bring into camp.

Every time I do this exercise, I look back and critique it. I wish I didn’t wait till round five to grab a OG. However, there are only so many picks. There are always more needs than picks. Fans can cry ‘trade down!’ like it’s easy to do. It is not. With someone like John Dorsey, the phone is always open to talk about trading up or down. It may happen, but don’t count on it. OK Addicts, that’s my shot. Who are you looking for the Chiefs to draft? Do you have any sleeper picks? Feel free to post your mocks in the comments.