AA Sunday Review: NFL Draft, Chiefs Running Backs, John Dorsey, Alex Smith, And More


Feb 21, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey speaks to the media in a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Every Sunday morning we do our best to catch you up on everything you may have missed during the week in a series we like to call AA Sunday Review. Here’s some of the best stuff from the past week.

MONDAY: Will The Chiefs Draft A Wide Receiver In Round One? by Lyle Graversen

"This week’s post was supposed to be a simple draft profile on Indiana wide receiver Cody Latimer. Depending on who you listen to, Latimer could be anywhere from a first round to fourth round selection in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft. What started as a quest to see if Latimer was worthy of a first round selection turned into something bigger. The entire time that I was researching Latimer, what I was really trying to figure out is if KC is likely to take a WR in the first round as so many are predicting."

TUESDAY: In Defense Of Paying Alex Smith by Stacy D. Smith

"Some think Alex Smith is approaching his ceiling in the NFL. Others wonder if he’s the man capable of leading the organization to the promised land after more than 40 years in the league’s wilderness. There are those who believe he’ll never be anything more than a game manager. For them, it’s entirely obvious that Smith should play out his contract. We have Scott Pioli and Matt Cassel to thank for that trepidation."

TUESDAY: Top 5 Chiefs Running Backs of All-Time by Nick Floyd

"As we approach the 2014 Draft, instead of going the usual “Who the Chiefs should draft” route, I am going to do a series of Top Five Chiefs Players of all time.This week I have chosen to focus on Chiefs running backs. So without further ado here are my Top Five Chiefs Running Backs of all time."

WEDNESDAY: Chiefs’ John Dorsey: Man Of “Steal” by Laddie Morse

"I recall now, with too much clarity, Scott Pioli’s first draft pick in Tyson Jackson, the 3rd pick of 2009. What most will also recall is that later in the first round of that same draft Dorsey and the Pack nabbed future Pro Bowler DL B.J Raji. What many may forget is… that Dorsey also helped select another future Pro Bowler in the 1st round in USC’s LB Clay Matthews, while many thought another SC backer was better, Rey Maualuga. Perhaps a double-steal that year."

FRIDAY: The Chiefs Can’t Go Wrong In Trading Down This Year by Nicholas Alan Clayton

"If the Chiefs are able to trade back — which is no given — they will find players at the top of the 2nd that they like, even if they don’t reap major draft pick gains in the process. Sure, some talent might fall to them at 23, but if they get back into the 2nd, they can definitely take guys like hard-hitting S Deone Buchannon or Richard Sherman doppelgänger CB Stan Jean-Baptiste who both look like handmade Sutton machines."

SATURDAY: Projecting The Chiefs 23rd Pick by Laddie Morse

"What I intend to show here today is to reveal the malleable list of players who might be available by the time the 23rd pick rolls around by taking the draft five players at a time."

Hope you enjoyed our work this week. Have a great Sunday!