Kansas City Chiefs Unveil New Sculpture


The Chiefs have added their first outdoor sculpture to their art collection, according to Arrowhead Art Collection Chairwoman Sharron Hunt. The work was created by Jun Kaneko, a well-respected artist from Omaha, Nebraska who has pieces in the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Mashima Sports Arena in Osaka, Japan.

Kaneko’s sculpture is hand built from more than 3,000 pounds of wet clay and is in the form of an abstract head. It took a year for the clay to dry and a 2,000 degree fire for the sculpture to harden well enough to be placed outside Gafte F at Arrowhead.

“I work with the abstract head because I want everyone to find their own interpretation of the artwork,” Kaneko said via a press release. “It is a universal image which all viewers can relate to regardless of age, nationality or language. The lack of features allows the viewer to develop their own experience of ideas with the artwork. I glazed this head with warm primary colors to express perseverance, the curved line of turquoise for understanding, the black and white pattern for calm and the yellow circle for focus, all together to create visual balance.”

The Arrowhead Art Collection, announced by the Hunt family and the Kansas City Chiefs in 2012, is designed to celebrate regional art while promoting culture, providing educational opportunities and engaging the community in a way that touches individuals of all ages and walks of life. Be sure to check it out next time you’re at Arrowhead.