Chiefs Offseason: Land Of A Thousand Dances

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Should Chiefs fans expect more out of ILB Joe Mays than they got out of Akeem Jordan?

6’1” Akeem Jordan had his best year ever with 54 tackles for the year. 5’11” Joe Mays had 41 tackles in 2013 but his best year was 2011 with 67 tackles. Both players are 28 years old born virtually 6 weeks apart. However, there is a good reason John Dorsey and Andy Reid didn’t bring him back. It’s been speculated that May may be here to continue to groom Nico Johnson and that the position will one day be his. I’m not a Nico advocate so I’m not buying into that story.

It’s clear that one of the Chiefs main priorities in any offseason is to use free agency to fill any holes and use the draft to build and strengthen the team. By using free agency in this way, the Chiefs go into the draft without being desperate to draft anyone which in turn allows them to take the so called “best player available.”

Bringing Joe Mays in was a must for the brass. ILB is still a position of great need. Mays’ presence may be as a filler with the possible intent to draft ILB C.J. Mosely who appears to be an excellent linebacker with instinctive qualities and coverage skills to boot.

I like Joe Mays and recall his 2011 season with the Broncs. I thought he was in on every other play when the Chiefs played them that year. He was excellent. However, when he fractured his fibula in October of 2012 and had to sit out the rest of the year, the Broncos basically gave up on him. I believe Joe Mays has Pro Bowl in his bones and we may get to see that. If not this year, then next. He’s only 28 and coming into his prime. He could be the missing link in the Chiefs LB core. Let’s hope so.

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