Debbie Downer says, “Reid and Dorsey Have A Plan.”


Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

I have returned Addicts. This time, I bring to you, a voice of reason. With free agency well underway the Kansas City Chiefs, with their limited cap space, have not really done much to improve this team. Free agent signings Joe Mays and Jeff Linkenbach and the re-signing of Husain Abdullah were not huge splashes like what Denver has given us throughout free agency (hopefully the Chiefs can add Emmanuel Sanders to this list). Not only have the Chiefs not signed anyone, but they have left four key players from last year’s team go to other teams with little effort to re-sign them. The point is Chiefs fans, with the limited money we have it was not worth trying to bring back our guys at the price they got from the teams that signed them.

Let’s start with Geoff Schwartz, the guy everyone wanted back. Schwartz played very well when Jon Asamoah went down and eventually replaced him on the Chiefs offensive line. He was a very solid starting guard and would be needing a contract as his time in Kansas City was up. The problem was, the Chiefs did not have the cap space necessary to afford a guy like Schwartz. If the Chiefs want to add some important pieces and be able to sign draft picks in an extremely deep draft class, they would need every penny. The end result is Geoff Schwartz moving a lot closer to me and calling MetLife Stadium his new home as a member of the New York Giants. The Giants gave Schwartz a 4 year 16.8 million dollar deal with 6.2 million guaranteed. I’m happy for the guy, but let him go for that price. The Chiefs aren’t about to pay that much for him.

Shift to Jon Asamoah, Geoff Schwartz’s backup. Asamoah is a starting caliber guard, but was benched for Schwartz after his injury. Chiefs fans knew that a decision had to be made and they leaned towards Schwartz, but they did not think both would be gone. Asamoah got a big deal with Atlanta where Scott Pioli now works. Pioli drafted Asamoah and sees his potential which must have been why he gave Asamoah the deal he got which was way above the price the Chiefs would have been willing to pay. The Falcons (Pioli) paid Asamoah 22.5 million dollars over 5 years with 8 million guaranteed. Once again Chiefs fans, where is that money? We don’t have it. Good for Jon, but the Chiefs are not about to pay him that much money when they are so stripped for cash.

Tyson Jackson also left to join the GM that made him the third overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft. This one hurt. Many a Chiefs fan believed Tyson Jackson to be a bust until he had five sacks in 2013 and showed he could dominate against the run. He had already taken a huge pay cut when he restructured his contract so the Chiefs could have more cap space in 2013. This time however, he was not willing to take the Chiefs’ offer and Pioli struck again. This time paying Jackson 25 million dollars over five years with 11 million guaranteed. Once again, where is the money to pay Tyson that much. The Chiefs did not have it and could not sign him.

Finally, Dexter McCluster, one of the faces of the franchise leaves the Chiefs for the Tennessee Titans. It was even before March 11 at 4 o’clock P.M. eastern standard time that McCluster declared he would not be returning to Kansas City. Who could blame him? Dex just had his second child and was looking for a payday much larger than the Chiefs could afford. The slot receiver and pro bowl returner ended up signing with the Titans on day one of free agency. Tennessee dished out 12 million dollars over three years with 4.5 million guaranteed to sign McCluster.

What is the point Addicts? The point is, would you have given any of these guys deals this large to stay in Kansas City? I know I wouldn’t have. Geoff Schwartz and Jon Asamoah are worth two to four million a year, Tyson Jackson is worth no more than three to four million a year and McCluster, in my opinion, is worth no more than two million a year. These guys are not major players on this team. We still have our main players under contract. Free agency is all about overpaying a bunch of guys to come in and fill some holes on your squad. Reid and Dorsey clearly have a plan. Let them do their job with the little amount of money we have.