NFL Rumors Round-Up: Branden Albert and Dexter McCluster Are Gone; Jon Asamoah and Geoff Schwartz Are Likely Next


Oct 20, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah (39) celebrates against the Houston Texans at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency begins today at 3 p.m. central time, and that means time is running out on the Chiefs re-signing some of their key free agents before the market opens up.

When it comes to re-signing their own it looks like the Chiefs are going to take a pass. The top four pending Chiefs free agents all look poised to sign with other teams later today, and at least two other Chiefs free agents are receiving interest from other teams. Today may be ugly.


Branden Albert is expected to sign a very valuable contract with the Miami Dolphins later today. Rumors have the deal going as high as $10 million annually. That’s more than the total amount of cap space the Chiefs have remaining for 2014. It isn’t a surprise but it still stings.

Dexter McCluster is also out. Terez A. Paylor reported yesterday McCluster will not be re-signing with the club and has received interested from multiple teams so far.

If you are into heavy Twitter speculation, McCluster started following the Cleveland Browns feed yesterday. Make of that what you will. Cleveland would make sense given former Chiefs executive Ray Farmer is the new general manager there. Farmer was part of the team that drafted McCluster in 2010.


Jon Asamoah is rumored to have heavy interest from Atlanta, with the potential annual value of his contract being around $4.5 million. Sorry to do this to you this morning but SCOTT PIOLI is now with the Falcons so the connection makes sense. This hasn’t been reported as a done deal – as in he is for sure leaving – but it is hard seeing the Chiefs match that kind of money.

Geoff Schwartz is expected to make more on the open market than what Asamoah is expected to bring in which makes the likelihood of him re-signing with the Chiefs low. Unlike Asamoah, there is not a specific team attached to Schwartz although there are teams who are rumored to be interested in him. Schwartz just got back from his wedding this weekend so that may be part of the reason why a specific team has not leaked out.


Akeem Jordan supposedly has many suitors, which would automatically make one think he will not be returning. However, Terez A. Paylor went out of his way to note John Dorsey really liked what he brought to the table for the Chiefs. It is possible the Chiefs could work to bring him back as Jordan shouldn’t command too much on the open market. KC does have Nico Johnson ready to replace him if Jordan leaves.

Kyle Williams, a receiver the Chiefs signed in-season but was lost immediately to a knee injury, has had a few calls made to him from other teams. What kind of interest level the Chiefs have in retaining him is unclear.


Frank Zombo Will Re-Sign With Kansas City Chiefs” href=”” target=”_blank”>Mike Garofolo of Fox Sports believes the Chiefs will re-sign Frank Zombo, though no announcement has been made by the team. Zombo should be a had on the cheap and is excellent against the run. Should the Chiefs be able to find a pass rush specialist to supplement Tamba Hali and Justin Houston then re-signing Zombo makes sense.


It was interesting to hear Tyson Jackson‘s name pop up as a guy the Chiefs may want to re-sign. Jackson has been something of a whipping boy for the Chiefs because of his lofty draft selection – third overall – and his connection to SCOTT PIOLI. (Sorry, I’ve done it twice now. Apologies.) John Dorsey has commented on Jackson’s lack of pass rush but Jackson is very good against the run. Find a designated pass rusher in the draft or free agency and maybe the Chiefs the defensive end position work from them with Jackson still on board.


Quintin Demps, Husain Abdullah, and Kendrick Lewis have not had a lot of rumors float out about them so anything after this sentence is pure speculation.

We know Dorsey really likes 2013 draft pick Sanders Comings a lot, and there is reason to believe he is going to get a serious shot at the free safety job. We also know Dorsey is fond of Abdullah, too. Those two could be a big part of the free safety solution for 2014. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Chiefs re-sign Demps (for depth) and Abdullah (for starter competition with Comings) with Lewis being allowed to walk.

By no means would that be a sexy solution as compared to signing Jairus Byrd but Comings/Abdullah/Demps could be a very effective combination at safety.

This is all we know. Deity-speed, Addicts.