Arrowhead Stadium! Be There!


The great Arrowhead Stadium.

Sure you can watch her with a hundred other Chiefs fans in front of a 60 inch TV at you local sports bar.

You can look at pictures of her in Sports Illustrated.

But to truly appreciate the greatest football stadium in the world, you have to be there.

You have to smell her wonderful smells.

Smells of pulled pork slow cooking. And hamburgers frying. And French fries broiling on the parking lot.

You have to be there to smell the faint but oh so evident smell of perfume that the tallest cheerleader with the blonde hair is wearing as she smiles, and dances, and cheers with the rest of the Arrowhead Cheerleaders.

The smell of a fresh cold beer that you just pulled the pin on, and the smoke from those big square things that blow up just before game time on the field.

To appreciate Arrowhead you have to be there to hear her wonderful sounds.

The sounds of the deep crisp bass pounding from the speakers of those guys that are always there in the grass by the entrance to lot G.

The sounds of a little girl laughing as her dad throws her and her little KC Chiefs jersey high up in the crisp, sweet fall air.

The sounds of 85,000 fans screaming with joy because the Chiefs scored, or crying out in anger for the same reason.

And of course the sights.

The little teeny tiny specks in the sky that get bigger and bigger and turn into Tank Killer war planes right over your head.

Of Dexter McCluster running just in front of a couple of much bigger, but just a little slower defensive players toward the goal line, and the longest return in KC Chiefs history.

And of course the pretty cheerleaders that dance, and smile, and wave in rain, in sleet, in hail, in 15 below zero weather.

I try to bring that place to life in my Arrowhead Adventure posts.

But no matter how much I pour my heart into it, I’ll never get even close .

Take my advice.

In 2014 go to Arrowhead Stadium for a Kansas City Chiefs game.

There will never be a better time.

What about you AA’rs.

What have you smelled, tasted, and lived at Arrowhead Stadtium?