2014 NFL Combine Preview: Five Tight Ends to Watch

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3. Reggie Jordan

School: Missouri Western
Watch to Watch: Everything
2013 Stats: 23 catches, 366 yards, 15.9 ypc, four touchdowns; 3 carries, 22 yards
Met with Chiefs: No

Reggie Jordan is a very intriguing invite to the NFL combine. A versatile athlete, Jordan could play either tight end, full back, or h-back for an NFL team. The issue is we don’t know much about him aside from some of his numbers in college.

What makes Jordan even more interesting is he’s from Missouri Western, the home of Chiefs training camp. It is hard to think the Chiefs don’t already have a good idea about him and what he is about as a player and a person. Kansas City should have a more information on him already than any other team in the NFL. It’ll be interesting to see if they meet with him at the combine or what kind of connection, if any, is made between the Chiefs and Jordan.

While Jordan may not be a guy who ends up getting drafted, he could be one of the key undrafted players the Chiefs sign after the draft. A good combine showing could be enough to earn Jordan a spot on the practice squad for a season before taking over a fullback or as the team’s third tight end. His roster flexibility could prove key in his NFL career.